Working with various materials and creating something special for everyone

Nature's Rock Art© by Dave Moore’s Custom Designs

Located in California's High Desert at the southern end of the Sierra Nevada's we live in an area of diverse geology and wonderful mineralogy. We started by rock collecting (or as we call it Rock Hounding) for many years and wanted to share the beauty of Nature's most diverse pallet by designing jewelry. 

We have now expanded to working with gemstones and semi-precious stones from around the world, mixing them with gemstones, pearls and coral, as well as precious metals, combining them in ways that we hope will please you.

We will be adding some cabs very soon for those that would like to make there own jewelry. Since we have collected well over 2 tons of rock I just need to slice it up and cab it. but if you prefer a slab instead please let us know via email and we will see what we can do for you. Thanks

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